Of all I offer, holding sacred space is something that is so precious to me. Bringing attention and focus to whatever container that is being created and making sure it is a safe, protected space is all so important. 

I have learned from so many elders, mentors, and guides how to really hold space and I am so grateful for the wisdom and my ability to put it into practice daily.

In this heightened state of awareness there is more potential for healing, inspiration, and insights to come through really powerfully. 

Holding Council

I was introduced to holding council at The Ojai Foundation in Ojai, California. The experience changed my life and the way I communicate. I now offer to hold council for conflict resolution, families, classrooms, couples, and even businesses. It has been incredible to watch how effective this form of communication and deep listening is. Council involves sitting in a circle while both listening and speaking from the heart. There is more to it, but that is the general idea. I am so passionate about sharing this tool and would love to facilitate a circle for you. Go to my contact page with any questions or inquiries about council.