Rites of Passage ceremonies have been a part of human culture far longer than the time Western Society has left them behind. They are important thresholds, markers if you will. They help to honor a phase of growth and mark them as completed. Elders and wisdom keepers use these times to pass down tools and knowledge to help navigate the new phase of being. 

Rites of Passage I offer...

  • Red Tent for first moon cycle (menstrual cycle)          
  • Stepping into Motherhood from Maiden
  • Blessingway ceremony before the birth
  • Welcoming ceremony and blessing for newborns
  • Metaphorical Death and release ceremonies
  • Initiations- contact me to discuss
  • Stepping into service on the medicine path

  • Crossing from the maiden stage into the metaphorical mother 
  • Crossing from childhood into adulthood
  • Red Tent Rite of Passage for all women to be initiated into the red tent and the wisdom of the womb, entering into sacred relations with our sisters
  • Always feel free to inquire about anything you do not see listed, their are endless thresholds to hold space for

To discuss the rite of passage you are interested in or to ask any questions go to my contact page